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Consumers Urged to choose Safe Food

Negros Summit delegates come together to discuss issues and concerns and share experiences and hopes to bring about significant social change.  Negros Summit: International Solidarity Conference carries the theme “Food Sovereignty Beyond Borders.”

To lessen the risk of lifestyle diseases and to avoid the toxic effects of chemically-contaminated food, a group of experts urge consumers to patronize organically grown, chemical-free agricultural products.

Gilda Caduya, President of Alter Trade Corporation (ATC) disclosed that this was the consensus among Japanese and Filipino experts who were the resource speakers during the Negros Food Summit hosted by ATC in Bacolod City on November 7-8, 2015.

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Alter Trade:  Lowly Balangon Builds Communities

Balangon Summit delegates meets balangon farmers of Ha. Tison, Brgy. Gawahon, Victorias City last November 10, 2015. Farm Tour follows.


“The lowly balangon banana has gone beyond being a trading commodity between Negros farmers and Japanese consumers and, in almost 30 years, has transformed into a medium for improving lives, building communities and protecting the environment,” said Alter Trade Corporation (ATC) president Gilda Caduya yesterday.

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